Welcome to Viewtech.

Viewtech is leading technology-based company forming strategic solutions for Extra-Low Voltage technologies. Celebrating over 10 years in business, the company is unrivalled in experience developing ELV technologies.  Constantly improving its technologies, Viewtech keeps up with current trends in the Malaysian security industry by forming strategic solutions adaptable to evolving market demands. The productivity of a cutting-edge of Extra Low Voltage (ELV) products include: CCTV systems, alarm and intrusion systems, lightning and surge protection products, access control system, public address and congress systems, digital audio/video intercom systems, digital network and fiber optic systems, and electronic guard tour systems. This large portfolio of surveillance solutions enable Viewtech to cover a wide range of markets in all sectors, including residential, government buildings, highway projects, airports, seaport, hotels and government hospitals. At present, Viewtech provides a wide variety of support services, product and technical training for our customers from both local and international, which includes system design, system installation, maintenance, repairs and after sales services. As it continues to extend its technologies, Viewtech will pursue and promote a technology-integrated and secure environment for a better living lifestyle and we strive to offer our clients the best technology solutions to enable customers to experience reliable and value-worthy solutions.  READ MORE >>